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i am new to iPhone. bought the iPhone 5s a few months before the iOS 8 upgrade, and loved it. since the upgrade i have had to delete apps, transfer pics and videos to my laptop constantly, pay monthly for cloud storage, and pay for a separate fucking app to use my cloud storage. it’s a total shakedown and a shameless cash grab attempt to get me to purchase the new hardware. i finally decided to stop paying for the cloud storage and now a window pops up constantly prompting me to sign into my iCloud account, so constantly that it makes the phone a pain in the ass to use. i finally caved and started paying for the cloud storage again to improve the functionality of the device. even with the cloud storage i have to back my photos up, and delete apps. ready for my upgrade so i can go back to Android, but from what i understand if i go from Apple to Android, anyone with an iPhone won’t recognize text messages from my new phone, because it will have texts from my number registered as iMessage. fuck Apple.

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